Topçuoğlu Customs Consultancy

Customs Clearance Procedures in All Turkish
Topçuoğlu Customs Consultancy “TGM” has been providing export, import, transit customs clearance, and legislative consultancy services to its customers in all Turkish Customs by combining its 66 years of experience and knowledge with all the possibilities of today's information technologies and its 3rd generation young expert staff since its establishment in 1950.
Overseas Customs Clearance Transactions
We provide customs clearance support to our customers in many countries including the USA, EU Members, Ukraine, Russia, Japan, and China through our international agencies.
Legislation Consultancy to Our Foreign Customers
Turkish Customs Law shows some differences from European Union Member countries. When necessary, we provide consultancy services to our customers from abroad on Turkish Trade Legislation, especially customs clearance and accounting procedures..
In addition to finding leasing solutions for its customers, Seaco offers company-specific design and supply services for companies that need special equipment. All customers benefit from the advantage of the SEACO brand and the superior service provided by the high experience, technical and operational staff that come with it.
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